The Making of an Addict: Don’t Think it can’t Happen to You

The majority of normal people do not think addiction is a thing that can happen to them. They believe it’s caused by troubled youth experimenting with drugs and getting hooked. The statistics prove that idea completely false. The statistics derived from all sources including the AMA, DEA and WHO have concluded that more than 95% of all addicts got high on drugs the first time by prescription for a injury or medical related issue. A case in point is my own story. I was a normal teenager riding a bicycle that my girlfriends brother had gotten for Christmas. It was December 25th 1973 and I was riding along when I was struck by a car and left for dead on the side of the road. Someone that saw it called the police and an ambulance. I was transported to a hospital with severe head trauma and a almost crushed left ankle. The first thing I remember was that injection of morphine and the way it made me feel. After I was released from the hospital in a cast on my left leg up to my groin and a head shaped like a basketball from all the water on it I was given a prescription for Tylenol #3 which is codeine to take as needed. I started taking it by the handfuls due to real pain but in the process I was unknowingly developing a real attraction for the way it made me feel. It took years to get over that injury but it took 40 years to get over my love of that medicine. The next time you think it can’t happen to me remember this story because it’s the true story of my life and it did happen to me. CMB

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