Technology: Has it Made Our Life Better







ENIAC 1949


The picture above is the ” Electrical Numerical Integrator and Computer” also known as” ENIAC ” Made in 1949. It is one of the first computers built with rows upon rows of vacuum tubes and miles of wires. That computer is now in the chip of your average $4.00 watch and your smart phone is a 10000 times faster. We have managed to come that far in 60 years yet people are still starving to death and countries are still committing genocide against their own people over politics and theology. There is something hard wired in the human mind to kill anything different and to steal everything another group has. Some people like to say it is a question of morality and human values but I say it is about money and power. Greed is devouring us as a race and technology only makes it easier and quicker to take what is not ours. Wars are now waged by cell phone any where in the world and the media is no longer Walter Cronkite telling us the news it has become a propaganda machine for sale to the highest bidder. Technology has made it possible to save millions of lives but instead it’s causing the death of peoples at a rate unknown since the dawn of time. Those of you that do not believe in God and Satan (Good and Evil) needs to simply look around the world and make an educated guess on whether or not it exists. The human race is headed for death at a faster rate than ever before and the great God of technology did not give us the greatness we all believed it would. The only question left is can it be turned around or are we as a race even worthy of it. CMB